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Civil/Commercial Mediation FAQs

Q. What is Mediation?
A. Mediation is a non-biased, less stressful form of resolving disputes. It is quicker than taking a case to court and is also usually cheaper than court. The parties remain in control of the mediation process and neither party is forced in to anything they don’t want to be in.

Q. Why Mediate instead of going to court?
A. When mediating, you remain in control of the process and you can reach an agreement based on the interests of the party. When going to Court to resolve an issue the courts will make a judgement based on points of law and the interests of each party may not be taken into account. Where the courts feel mediation should be considered and one party unreasonably refused, the courts keep this in mind when making their judgement.

Q. Who or what is a mediator?
A. mediator is an impartial, independent party who can address the issues of both sides and can use this information to identify where an agreement may be forged. Our mediators are specially trained to help you reach an amicable solution.

Q. How can a Mediator help?
A. As an impartial party who is specially trained, mediators help parties set out what they need to discuss. They then help the parties discuss their options and find the best solution. The Mediator provides information impartially to the parties and records the solutions the parties reach.

Q. What are the benefits of Mediation?

  • The Parties control all aspects of the case, from deciding to mediate to the outcome.
  • Mediation takes place in private, and the outcome remains confidential
  • Disputes can be resolved much quicker than resorting to the courts. Often within a matter of weeks.
  • Costs are reduced
  • Relationships between the parties can be considered and preserved
  • Disputes can be resolved by taking into account interests rather than just legal rights
  • It is a successful form of resolving disputes.

Q. How long does it take?
A. This depends on the complexity of the case. It also depends on the parties and their willingness to reach an agreement.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. This depends on each case, but before you commit to mediation you will be told the cost of mediating your case. The costs are often split between the parties.

Q. Where can we mediate?

A. We can offer mediation at our offices in Mansfield and Chesterfield. We can also offer mediation at other locations by prior arrangement. See our Locations section.

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