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Face to Face or Shuttle?

Face to Face or Shuttle?

In most circumstances it is appropriate for parties to meet face to face with each other and their Mediator. In some cases, however, the Mediator may suggest that it would be appropriate for different arrangements to be made due to the difficult communication or dynamics of a particular set of circumstances and the need to maintain a balance between the parties. Family Mediation in particular raises particular emotional issues, some of which can be dealt with face to face and other times merely engaging in a shuttle Mediation in separate rooms may facilitate the progression of the Mediation and allow each party to concentrate on the issues raised in each session and explore those issues. Particular bespoke arrangements will be suggested by your Mediator to ensure that the maximum benefit can be obtained for each party in their Mediation process. This may include:-

(a) Separate arrival and departure times.
(b) Separate waiting areas.
(c) Face to Face Mediation or alternatively Shuttle Mediation (separate rooms).
(d) Provision of legal advice (on hand within the Mediation arena or facilities to discuss by telephone with legal advisers if required).

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