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What can be mediated?

What can be Mediated?

Family Mediation extends to discussing matters which arise in connection with property, finances, debt, division or allocation of income and pension provision.

Family Mediation can also extend to how parties formalise their living arrangements, for example if a separation is going to occur, the timing of the separation, whether that separation is informal or recorded formally by way of a Separation Deed or Agreement. Alternatively, whether legal proceedings such as Judicial Separation or Divorce proceedings are envisaged, and if so, who will be the Petitioner, the Respondent, on what basis a Petition is to be issued and how the costs of the proceedings are to be met.

Where Mediations involving children can extend to where the children themselves reside, how they share their time between their respective parents and other important people in their lives, who pays for nursery provision, how the children spend their school holidays and what arrangements are to be made for special times throughout the year, such as Christmas, Birthdays and other special events. Education issues can be discussed and resolved.

Midlands Mediation are unusual in that we have specialist Family Lawyers who are also qualified to engage in Direct Child Consultation (DCC). Where children are of an age and maturity to have a view regarding decisions made for them, parents may wish to seek their wishes and feelings. Your Mediator will discuss with you the suitability of Child Consultation wherever relevant.

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