THE Mediation Specialists for the East Midlands



Mediation is a method of resolving disputes that does not require the courts to impose a judgement. This means that the parties are free to agree on more creative settlements. A court will make a judgement based on financial compensation or legal principles, however mediation settlements need not be founded solely on legal rules and consequently it could be possible to have an apology, a structured payment or perhaps a re-negotiation of an agreement as part of the mediation settlement.

The Mediators are specially trained to resolve disputes and are impartial individuals that can help the parties to reach a resolution on which they are happy with. You remain in control during mediation and the mediator will not force any agreement on you.

What it is not

Mediation is not a way for one party to deceive the other, or to force the other party to agree to something they do not want or is unfair. It is not a way of getting one solicitor to act for both parties. It is not a substitute court hearing. Mediation is VOLUNTARY and a party cannot be forced to attend.

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