THE Mediation Specialists for the East Midlands

Civil / Commercial Team

Elizabeth J Bilton LLB (Hons)

Elizabeth J Bilton heads the team of Family Mediators at Midlands Mediation

She started out in her career by qualifying as a Solicitor in 1993. She has consolidated her legal practice by gaining experience in all aspects of traditional family disputes in addition to achieving qualifications as an Advanced Family Panel member and member of the Children’s Panel with the Law Society (for further information see her linked profile with

In 1997 Elizabeth trained as an All Issues Mediator with Resolution, which is the leading training organisation for solicitors in professional practice (

Elizabeth set up Midlands Mediation in 1998. She has developed her Mediation experience and developed a team of professional and experienced Mediators who would be able to meet the diverse needs of families in conflict.

Elizabeth was granted a Legal Services Commission contract in 1999. She has gained over 14 years direct experience in offering All Issues Mediation services to the public, which has been invaluable in increasing the likelihood of supporting those undertaking mediations in achieving successful outcomes.

Elizabeth undertakes both sole and co mediation and offers to her clients face to face mediations or shuttle mediations, dealing with all property, finance, business, debt, and pension matters, families with a high or more modest asset worth, and the associated arrangements for children and ongoing communications which will entail.

As a solicitor in traditional practice with over 17 years experience Elizabeth is acutely aware of the emotional and physical conflicts that may arise on the breakdown of a family unit with the competing concerns of the parties in reordering the family structure and finances. The need to offer a safe and balanced environment for parties is carefully assessed and reviewed.

Accessing the appropriate information from the Mediator within the process is vital to the success as is the timely provision of legal advice and other professional advice which supports the parties explore and find a practical and suitable outcome for their specific circumstances.

Elizabeth supports the parties accessing legal advice throughout the Mediation process, summary information being provided to respective solicitors throughout the process. She has developed strong working links with her colleagues in the profession to achieve this.

Elizabeth has used all her skill and experience to draw to her service other disciplines which parties are likely to need to have to refer to such as Valuers, Independent Financial Advisors, Accountants, Pension Actuaries, counsellors, hypnotherapists and many others. (Please refer to the section on Family Support Services for hyperlinks.)

In 2002 Elizabeth expanded the Mediation services available to families by training in Direct Child Consultation.

The addition of this service has been increasingly popular and has offered parents and children a unique opportunity in certain situations to express their wishes and feelings safely, and have these fed back for parents, enabling them to ensure that the decisions they make meet the needs of the whole family and increasing the chance that they will work in practice.

Elizabeth is an accredited mediator with Resolution and is now a Private Practice Consultant, offering advice and support to those who are new entering the profession and wishing to develop their practice.

Joanne Holland

Joanne is CERT accredited Mediator and a member of the Civil Mediation Council. Joanne specialises in working in multi party claims to resolve commercial contract disputes, examples of work Joanne undertakes includes, such as disputes involving breach of contract, disputes under the Sale of Good Act and simple debt claims, together with property and land disputes.

Joanne has mediated over 800 small claim mediations and has a success rate in excess of 85%.

Joanne comes from a non-legal background. However she headed the Small Claims Court mediation service for the East Midlands which she achieved by working alongside court staff, members of the judiciary and key partners.

Joanne prides herself on her ability to communicate with parties in a non-legal manner remaining impartial but proactive to enable the parties to reach a settlement that is acceptable to both.