THE Mediation Specialists for the East Midlands

Workplace Team

Julia Chisholm, Chartered MCIPD

HR Consultant, ADR Group Accredited Employment Mediator

Operating throughout England, Julia has over 10 years’ experience working within the Human Resources field within a range of industries and service sectors.

Julia mediates a whole host of employment disputes, enabling aggrieved persons to clear the air and create a forward focused solution to their differences.

With a postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management and extensive experience of managing grievance and disciplinary issues, Julia understands the impact disagreements can have on individuals, the business and personal life.  She is passionate about others and has a success rate that is second to none.

Julia believes that mediation is a swift, sensible, low cost way of minimising disruption to the business, legal costs and stressful and sometimes lengthy employment tribunal procedures and is happy to have an initial confidential discussion about workplace disputes at no cost.

Dale Turner (CEDR Workplace Mediator)

Dale is also a CEDR trained workplace mediator, and so is able to bring diverse expert knowledge to his work place role at Midlands Mediation.

His 25 years experience as an Accountant, supporting different businesses enables him to use his varied experience with great effect during the mediation process.

Dale believes that mediation offers a swift, pro-active, cost effective way of resolving disputes in the workplace thus reducing the intangible costs associated with workplace disputes such as:-

  • management time.
  • low worker morale, and strongly believes that as a “neutral” the mediator can actively assist parties affected by the dispute in working towards achieving a negotiated agreement.

Clare Manning – DipLCH, DIP NLP, CERT IMP

Clare Manning is an experienced Workplace and Relationship Mediator.

She trained with UK Mediation as an Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner. She is an associate member of the UK register of Mediators.

Clare has held various middle and senior management roles for the proceeding 17 years within the higher educational sector.

People development has always been at the heart of her approach. As well as being a Mediator, Clare is also an experienced Coach, working with people to ensure they can perform to the best of their abilities. She is a member of the EMCC and a Co-ordinating member of the EMCC East Midlands.

Clare has experience of mediating workplace disputes before and after formal action has taken place. Clare is a firm believer in the effectiveness of Mediation in resolving disputes caused by poor communication, relationship breakdown, personality clashes, bullying or power imbalances.

Workplace Mediation takes one day. It is 80% effective. It is a relatively cheap and a positive intervention for all concerned. It is a powerful informal intervention to use in resolving conflicts within the workplace and allows individuals and teams to improve performance.

Clare also mediates relationship issues with couples, parents, their children and between siblings. Relationship mediation occurs where the parties are experiencing conflicts and wish to resolve those differences.

Relationship mediation takes one day, is a cost effective and proactive intervention working with all concerned parties providing them with a communication model which can be adopted and used in the future to resolve any differences.

Clare provides individuals with coaching. This can be provided in corporate or private context. The coaching is designed to ensure each individual recognises and uses their strengths to set and meet motivational goals, notice and overcome blocks to their performance and enable them to achieve new skills and behaviours to develop and support their development and growth.

Clare offers an initial free confidential discussion about workplace, relationship Mediation and coaching on request.

Sherrall Pickford LLB Hons


Sherrall has over 25 years experience as solicitor. She qualified in 1983 and has worked in general practice, Family law and Criminal law.

She has spent many years being involved in court proceedings with the victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault – she knows how these things affect individuals, children and families. Sherrall knows how court proceeds impact on the families.

Sherrall has developed excellent communication skills through years of assisting people who have survived traumatic situation. She is able to set people at their ease. She is also alive to child protection issues.

Through years of working litigation and appearing in court she has also skilled exploring solutions in difficult situations.

Sherrall qualified as a workplace mediator in 2008.

Sherrall cross qualified as a family mediator in 2012.