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The working life of a divorce mediator

The Guardian has published a nice illustration of the working life of a divorce mediator. See this link

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  1. This is certainly a very interesting article and reflects some of the day to day activities of Family Mediators who are also Solicitors. It also gives a summary of the recent changes in legisaltion and attitude towards Mediation in recent times. AT Midlasnds Mediation we also hope, as Mr Robinson does, that Mediation will become a service people feel able to particiapte in, voluntarily and if it is suitable, in an attempt to overcome any issue they may face.

    All of our Family Mediators are also practicing solicitors. We find that this is beneficial to those participating within the mediation process. This ensures that in addition to the complusory mediation training the mediators have undertaken, they also have vast experience of Family law and how the Courts implement the law. During Mediation our mediators do not provide advise to those participating within the process. They do however, give impartial legal inforamtion, which due to their dual roles as solicitors and mediators, is up to date, correct and based upon experience.

    As the article shows the role and requirements of both solicitors and mediators can be very time consuming and hectic. At Midlands Mediation we try to ensure that sufficent time is made avaiable to those undertaking the mediation process to ensure it can progress at a rate that is appropriate to those individuals.

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