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Cases which are unsuitable for mediation

Cases which are unsuitable for mediation

As general guidance, there are some circumstances when mediation from the outset may not be suitable. These are:

  • When a point on law needs deciding on by a court and a binding precedent would be useful.
  • Where injunctive relief is necessary to protect one party.
  • One or both parties are not willing to mediate/ negotiate
  • The dispute may be incapable of being negotiated.
  • There may be extreme conflict and an imbalance of power between the parties which the mediator cannot redress.
  • Where one or both parties feel coerced to attend.
  • Where mediation has already been fully attempted.

There may also be circumstances where mediation in practice proves to be unsuitable:

  • Where either partner demonstrates a lack of commitment.
  • Where either is quite unable to accept the situation or is unable to negotiate.

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